About the “What I am Learning” Series

I recently found out that the best way I learn is by sharing. This way, I tend to add more to my knowledgebase by hearing what people have got to say about the topic.

In order to make my learning process faster, I have decided to create a series on my blog called “what I am learning” which I will like to shorten as WIAL. You can already guess what the series is going to contain. As I pick up new technologies, frameworks or what-have-you to learn, I will share my progress here. I believe that it will help someone who is beginning to learn like me and also help me add more to what I know or what I am trying to know.

But please note that if/when I dont post, it won’t mean I have stopped learning. It just might mean I have not found the right words to convey my message or I have not found the time to upload what I have written.

If this makes sense to you as much as it does to me, please watch this space.


Image source: yourstory.com