About the “What I am Learning” Series

I recently found out that the best way I learn is by sharing. This way, I tend to add more to my knowledgebase by hearing what people have got to say about the topic.

In order to make my learning process faster, I have decided to create a series on my blog called “what I am learning” which I will like to shorten as WIAL. You can already guess what the series is going to contain. As I pick up new technologies, frameworks or what-have-you to learn, I will share my progress here. I believe that it will help someone who is beginning to learn like me and also help me add more to what I know or what I am trying to know.

But please note that if/when I dont post, it won’t mean I have stopped learning. It just might mean I have not found the right words to convey my message or I have not found the time to upload what I have written.

If this makes sense to you as much as it does to me, please watch this space.


Image source: yourstory.com

  • I love the great strides you are taking with the setting up of your very own corner on the vast interwebs. It is a welcome improvement and choosing to publicly share your journey with the world is also remarkable.

    The more you share, the more you learn actually as you are forced to focus and try to replicate what you just absorbed. This helps you to own what you have learnt. The challenge is that it is hard to work and document at the same time, but by committing to it and doing it whether convenient or not, you will hit the gold mine.

    So, please commit to sharing your learning path with us (unless you have learnt some secret knowledge that gives you magical powers – dont share those ones for free!). You have taken the first steps, now follow with bolder steps… hitting the ground running.