Localytics- Analytics made easier.

Two months ago I wanted to monitor the usage of one of the applications I am currently working on.
I had implemented the analytics using Google Analytics (GA). Yes, I could log and upload screens and events.
But I wanted more. I wanted the data analytics team (which are not developers) to be able to interpret and use the data. GA did not give me that.
After few Google searches, I found these great tools- LOCALYTICS and MIXPANEL.
But I chose Localytics. Why?

    Documentation was easy to read and understand
    Easy implementation
    Inviting dashboard
    Data analytics and interpretation is straightforward
    Marketing is easy and direct
    Push notifications and In-app messaging is supported
    The pricing is reasonable

If you would like to use this great tool, their site has enough documentations that can get you started. You can always drop a mail or comment if there is something you would like to share or understand.