Solutions to Common Errors I Encountered in Sphinx

In my less-than-a-week journey with sphinx, I have encountered some errors repeatedly. I always told myself that it’s fine.
Would you like to know these errors and how I solved them?

Error: FATAL: CreateService() failed: code=1073, error=The specified service already exists.
Reason: This happened when I wanted to rerun the SphinxSearch service.
Solution: Most times, there wont be any reason to restart this service but when you really need to, delete the service and run again.
To delete, run sc delete sphinxsearch.

Error: connection to failed (errno=10061, msg=No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.)
Reason: This happens when searchd has not been executed
Solution: run searchd –config path/to/sphinx.conf

Error: FATAL: no readable config file (looked in ./sphinx.conf)
Reason: The configuration could not be read.
Solution: run searchd –config path/to/sphinx.conf

When I encounter more errors or mor solutions, I will post here. Till then, you can share your errors with me too.